For bare we came

And bare we shall go

So why shall our love

Like the winter’s brow

Wax so cold?

Why toil like the ferocious Heracles

For treasures everywhere?

Whose measures are nothing





Char me with the truth

Never respite my pain with the lies

The free flowing tedium

That drives a wedge between lovers

You say it’s dark outside!

When the firmament reeks with the blue

You say your love will never fade!

When the heart is comforted somewhere else

Make me feel the aches only the truth can bring

Then will my heart find the pastures of comfort

And graze the green grasses with her herds

The bones would indeed be strong

Knowing that truth is a virtue we embrace both in comfort and in pain

Char me with the truth

But never respite my pain the lies


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“What atrocities has he wrought?”,King Dalus,asked.
He had just slumped in to a chair made of fine gold and by quality,of no mean carats.He rested his massive paws on their edges,coughed and raised his head to behold the glaring scenario,scampered at his front.

He perused what seemed to happening at his front,different murmurs and annoying chatters,have they lost their grasp on reality,didn’t they know they were standing before a king,he unceasingly thought and these strands of ruminations seemed to only infuriate him.
“Silence”,he roared
“What is this?”
“Your majesty!”,a little but staunch figure bellowed with utmost humility
“Pardon!”,he continued
“You may speak!Geisus!”,
“This man here”.
He pointed to an emaciated figure who seemed to have been forced to his knees,heavily guarded,chained and circled by a pack of angry wolves
“He has indulged himself in what seem to be an aberration,he has broken the law,shamed our values and disapproved of things we hold dear,he has murdered one of us ,in cold blood,and I hereby move the motion that he is punished accordingly”,Geisus orated with a rising euphoria
“Yes!Yes!Yes!”,the populace screamed
“He has spilled blood he has to be deprived of his own”
Several chants serrated the tense atmosphere,it was as if apocalypse has come to roost,both old and the young were clamouring for blood,the Danus palace was dissenting in to a sort of madness,everyone wanting justice in form of cold execution.
“Enough!”, Dalus roared
Every where went dead like the grave.
“Jasmine,would you step forward?”,Dalus asked
Before he could take a step forward,he had already been flung ahead by one of the wolves,he crashed and landed with his ribs grazing the rough grounds.
Jasmine mopped with his hands rubbing his grumpy face
“You have been accused of taking the life of another,a shame to our values,a disobedience to our laws ,and an injury to the innocent,how do you plead? Innocent or guilty?”
“I did not do it ,I didn’t,Jasmine croaked feebly
“Then,how come you have been caught in the webs of this crime?”
“I don’t know”,he mopped harder
“Any witnesses in the house?”, Dalus , asked,his voice,a bit sonorous
“My Lord!if I may interject!”,Geisus interrupted
“Silence,Geisus!, you are my hand,stay your hands,you don’t talk unless I want you to do so,!”
“Yes,my Lord”,Geisus cowed
“I’m not your Lord,i’m your god!”,he roared
Thunder had just fired which seemed to shake the castle vehemently.
“Did anyone witness the murder?”,he continued
His question which seemed to have descended in to the rhetorical sort was answered by whisperings,nobody had the guts to talk anymore even if they had anything to say.
“Molly,where are you?”,Dalus asked
Miraculously,a fissure had been created in the crowd,it took a while till it extended to the front,and there molly was standing facing Dalus,the king,mopping unceasingly and constantly wiping her nose with a little handkerchief.

Her clothes were covered in blood and mere assessing her dressing it seemed she was cooking before Ceda was murdered
“Your grace!,she cried
“I’m sorry for what has transpired,i hope you find the strength to accept my sincere condolences!”,Dalus said softly
“Okay!she mopped.
“Nothing done here would restore life to the dead but we can only hope to curtail the furtherance of such act from happening,that is why justice would prevail today”,he roared
The crowd cheered and it seemed they were having their moment again.
“Molly,tell me what happened,everything you know”,Dalus asked
“Okay”,she said
“I woke up this morning to take my shower,it was our two years anniversary,so I had plans to have a special meal made,so I scurried to kitchen to prepare the waters for the dishes,Ceda was still sleeping when I finished boiling the waters,i decided to ignore him because he had last night very rough,he worked very late.I took the pile of woods at the backyard and conveyed them to the log section of the kitchen,i picked the combustible ones,arranged and made fire,i was roasting corns when I heard a loud excruciating scream,accompanied by a loud thud,i felt faint and I hurried to room,to find Jasmine running from the scene,and another hooded figure pacing off,Ceda was on the floor dead as a door,covered in blood,he was stabbed in the navel “,She sobbed

“Hmm! Interesting!”,Dalus said
“Two suspects!One only has been caught!”
“How so?Gayanus”
A big wolf presented himself,the biggest apparently amidst the pack,wild and ferocious.
“My Lord!There has been a misunderstanding here,we caught only Jasmine because he was the only one there,i think the afflictions of recent events are telling on Molly”,he croaked
“Enough!”, Dalus roared
“Lies!Lies!”,”I saw a hooded figure”
“Jasmine only came to visit”, Molly sobbed
“You see! My Lord!”, Gayanus ridiculed
“Step away!You pure expression of incompetence!”,Dalus roared
“Molly,did you see any other thing incriminating,like the clothes,face,was he holding anything,did he have any markings?”,Dalus inquired.
“Oh! No!
“I remember he was holding a silver staff that bore the Dalus crest,with several mark at the edge”,she sobbed more than ever.
“Outrageous!What nonsense!How could you?”, Geisus had burst from the crowd displaying the characteristics of a demented fellow
“Seize him”, Dalus,screamed
Gayanus grabbed him by the scruff of his right shoulder and pounds him to the ground at the front of the royal chair.
“Only the king’s hand bear the silver staff in this city,start talking! Geisus”
“Before I make you” Dalus raged
“Ceda was the only thing standing before my ascension the the throne,he was so loyal to the king,he could not be bought so I had to eliminate him,Jasmine,is a thing I fear because of his wisdom and unflinching integrity,he could not be killed,he is too fast to be true,i had too fabricate the schemes to implicate him so that I could be done with him for good”, Geisus grovelled
The atmosphere had descended into a seething one,the wolves were doing a great job keeping the populace from pouncing on Geisus.
“What have I done to you,Geisus?”,Dalus asked
“Isn’t it obvious? You treat everyone here like shit!You deserve a fate worse than death”
“Silence!”,he roared
“Wait till I survive this nonsense and I will show you what true vendetta is”, Geisus assured
“Oh!Wait till you see how this drama ends Geisus!,Dalus smiled maniacally
“Silence! Keep him quiet! Before i remove your tongue from your head Gayanus!”
“Three things are known to defy the hidden,the sun,the moon and the truth.Years might glide by but the truth will definitely come to light.By the virtue of the facts laid before me which is that Geisus,the former hand of the king play the lion’s role in the death of the elf ,Ceda ,whose light was quenched this morning,he murdered him in cold blood by stabbing,and also framed another for his felony,to take his punishment,he has been deemed as a top enemy to this society,and as it is known fact that enemies are not tolerated in this society,it is either you are a friend or a friend,foes are erased from existence,Geisus,you were held in high esteem,you failed Dalus,your family,your society,You have caused the sorrow of another,defamed another,this shall not go unanswered.Justice shall indeed prevail”.

Screams permeated the air
“Blood for blood”
“Eye for eye”.
“Life for life”
“Death for death”
“Silence”,Dalus signalled
“Jasmine,i hereby declare you a freeman ,go home ,have your life,its your own,no one shall lay a finger on you,and by the powers conferred upon my shoulders,i name you the hand of the king,to truthfully serve this realm and society,be blessed!,the gods have remembered you”
“My lord I don’t know how to thank..”
“Enough,skip the gratitude!”
“And to you traitor,you have failed your own,you shall die by my very hands”
“Oh no!this not right!”
“I beg of you!”, Geisus cowed
King Dalus removed the crown from head
“The crown shall not be made crud by a traitor’s blood”
He unsheathed his rapier and lopped off his head



Here is to joy

The one that knows no bound

The charms are everywhere felt

And the face cracks in to sparks

Here is to joy

The one that makes the bones stronger

And the words full of reliefs

Here is to joy

The one that makes the heart forever hale

Here is to joy

A romantic intercourse with true peace





A bit of poesy

For the old magenta goddess

She is fit as a fiddle

Always the shinny light to the scary night

She is brittle yet tender

Her petals pelt like the sizzles of the prom night

Oh!She is bashful!

But her coyness is too good for the fad

She capers like the golden butterflies

And her flowery edges cut the wind beauty

She besets my guide with all flamboyance

And it were like the lair of Hades freezing over

I see how her purple conflagrations does burn the heart with hope

She is ravishing and a wonderful flower

She is the pretty lavender





The little hippy phalanges

Do bear me witness

The heart has gone worn

With tiny flecks of brokenness

They glare the eyes

With every bit of perplexity

I sought comfort

I let my wails out

They seared my very soul

I put my legs to walkway

But they have lost all balance

I took a sail via the rusty pacific

With my feet feeling the clays beneath me

And my mind was wet with the oceans

That beseeched her

Then was she all wrought in my feign thoughts

She was beautiful, my confusions!

Wily,and frosty

She made the vessel make

unending rants

I did love her very much

How could I not?

She was a part of me

A big latch to the mind

A fragment that resurfaced

Like the peevish gnomes

Our love was indeed special

Her feelings was not unrequited

She found her solace firm

In my heart

Her Cupid’s arrow was well struck

She beckoned and I answered

Now we have grown

To be pairs of crossed lovers

Making the smiles reek of indecisions

And the countenance contorted

With contained fury

I accepted her,she ruined me

She made me flavour my tea

With bitter gall,instead of flowery sugars

She steered my heart to the serpents

When the bunnies glowed white

Her love was expressed in seethes

Now her stay is eternal

And our love is forever defined

But my man has grown yonder

Where the walls of control

Are scaled and jumped

And confusion’s effects are whittled down





Oh summer!Oh summer!

Why does your flurries

Make the sky go dark?

The serene linings

That does make

The wild oats sprout

And the flies sizzle

Now,the Joy is bereft

Of veracity

And the jaws drop

In disbelief

Conjectures are conjured

To dissuade the salient assertions

Of the inquisitive younglings

All but facades!

Oh! Summer has failed to yield

The crispy apples are but decayed

And the graves are young with carcasses

Oh!The hopes are dashed

And the belly stutters incessantly

The expectations are defeated

And summer has taken a turn

And the world is having a twist