When the words reek of orisons

The ways would be likened

To those of the straying dog

That seeks warmth in the heart of winter

And nudges the wrong manor

But the touches of hell

Are for some,a two way ride

Ones,in which the sufferers have constitutionally incapacitated themselves to know reliefs

To climb off the cliffs of misery and poor existence

So,when orisons ride like the stallion

It’s for man to again know good days

For the steering of his heart lies beyond those milky clouds

For man is on the brink of self annihilation





Often spat words are;

The charms of the looker lies in the eyes of the looker

But what could the horns blow for the sight that catches the random eyes

Pure golds don’t totter in sparkles

Winters don’t chafe in chills

True hearts knows no weary weathers

Hearty beauties know no frets

Stoicalness,may be feigned, may be true

The tender moss blooms in summer

And the winter puts her charms to the surface

Unsteady nature and her pards

Have no waning ride over her

Rather they coerce to ensure she stretches in awesomeness

Though stoic,she is tender

And not only tender, but she is a paragon of blatant charmingness





Whether the nights would be full of terrors

Or the stars would come orbiting in cycles

It’s solely up to you

Whether time in her affrightful apparels

Would voyage the seas of fortune

Or be the sadistic monster agape

Chanting the sorrows of the sordid

It’s solely up to you

Whether a man like the viper on the boulders

Would transcend aplenty phases

And yet leaves no lofty traces

It’s up to him

Such is life,it’s always up to you





Sands are heavy

A fool’s wrath is heavier

But lover’s pangs are heaviest

Like the storms do they heave upon the bearer

Heavens smile, heavens cry

So does love lay afloat in several planes

Igniting flames,scars and falls

Bearer’s can’t be choosers

Only fate fates faithfully several fates

Some see the stars in a glimpse

While other lads toil through several shafts

But the course of affections never did run smooth

Only a few could tell the tale by the beach side

Many with scathing scars

Others with fears folded to the chest

But it all are phases of existence

None would romanticise a heart break

It takes some decades to smell again the oceans

While it marks the end for some

But it never promised to be rosy like the roses

Resilience is the wind that throws down the downfalls

Fall,then rise again!

Do not stay cracked up

You wouldn’t get to the other side of the ocean by merely steering at it

Rise!And see light at the end of the tunnels

There’s more beauty in the world to savour

Than to wallow in the pool of pity





He strutted majestically to the nicely contained brooks,they were as clean as the milky sky,shimmering like the nightly stars.

The sights of the colourful fishes as they danced and hovered in the air before retreating back to the waters were such a delight.Only few worlds could that happen, ducks were calm,peaceful and nicely appareled and were bonuses to the awing sight.

He haughtily hobbled to the mountains, packed with rocks,not a tad of filth nor a jot of cankers.They were close to perfect,nicely shaped and surrounded with flowers

He sank in to the crispiness of the meadows,they smelled like bourbons,and had it not been that sofas were for nightly rests,he would gladly pass the night,no insects, no crawlings ,only butterflies that wafted through the edges.

He looked at the skies,they were all golden,no flaws, perfectly sculpted.The weathers were sane and temperate. All he needed was to tell the sky in gentle words, “rain”, and the sky would unmask it’s showers. They all obeyed him.

He shook his hands violently in to the winds, gently his feet left the grounds, and walked on nothing,he flied several miles towards a castle.

Made of solid gold, unusually structured, breath taking, greed arousing and haven of charming impossibilities.

He approached and the gates and they flung open as they chanted ” welcome master”.

He smiled whimsically and sighed.

He climbed in to a silver chamber, which wheeled him steadily to the main abode,they were muses of the old saturating the place,known to bring coyness to the soul,they went nonstoppedly until he disembarked the structure.

A soldier of eight servants all dashing and sparking welcomed him,perched him on their shoulders as they entered the castle.

He stood firmly on his feet as the servants retreated to whence they came from.He adjusted his golden robes and immediately they turned purple silver,that dazzled every passing seconds.

A damsel approached and with the calibers of a fairy goddess mouthed “My king!”

Every thing about her seemed unreal,for a beauty of such magnitude could not be fathomed, she smiled ,she became a happening fairytale.One that was sating and perfect.

He merely sheepishly stared ,he knew not what to do ,what were happening before him,if he took them in,he would thoroughly drive himself crazy,he was extremely overwhelmed.

She gently approached with her hands wide open,he decided to play along,eager to have a feel and test the veracity of this fairytale before him,then in seconds, it happened,their bodies collided in a warm embrace, and he was hugging and wrapping his hands around himself.

Everything had vanished in a second.

Peter was panting furiously, and sweating unrestrainedly.The sofa had broken underneath him,reduced in smithereens, he was in a ragged underwear, and Praise,his baby girl was holding a stick over him,all scared,shouting “Dad,pls,wake up!”, repeatedly.

He shook his head in utter disappointment.