The sea tempestuously rages

The river calmly stretches

And the shores unflinchingly stand

In thunderstorms,in fiery nights and when the earth quakes

Her waters totter placidly

As the crabs crawl cravingly to its creeky hole

And free of freckly filths

As the mindful monk in his monastery

She could wash a leper clean

And make the old hag suckle the breaths of Juventas

Her charms,like the chalices of gold

Wrought by the tender shore

She could have broken down the red shacks

And bespatter herself with many cruds

But her innocence flaps majestic wings

All because the angel slumbers not

Even when the night rides roughly

The shore stands tall

What’s a river without a shore?

A barking dog without a teeth

A toddler without its mother

A man without a prospect

Lovers without love

And a sunshine that is cold

The sea cries when the shore crumbles

Because it would pass the rest of its existence shivering like a child

Value what you have

Before it becomes what you had