I love bonfires and cracking infernos.

The swift and staggery hopping around it,

By salacious couples in brown velvets

Crossly paired like a night of eclipse

Enjoying wholly the plains, sights and beaches

Riding the entire earth in a single solemn night

But i love more the fallen trees and broken twigs

Bordered by mouldy mosses and hearty hornworts

The screeching birds and the mischievous wild cats

All warping around the tranquil woods

Just deep echoes, and sombering crickets

But beauty to deeper eyes

And as golds to the fire,to the organized mind

I love them all;fields of green memories.

Relentless lovers in cold suns and heavy storms

They feed,drink and dance together like the knights of Camelot

I love him more and she caught my heart more.

Old as timber and yet stronger have they waxed

The Camilles to the klauses

Whose ears don’t go sour to agonizing screams

The calms to the stormy nights

And the soothers to the afflicted

None weighs more rubies than old friends that ceaselessly care

If you have them,hold unto them

As the ants hog the sugar

Before you realize bitterly that you can’t do it alone.




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