The fetters are so heavy to be borne

Like the linings of the blue sky

They do hang upon the hands and the feet

With their impertinence barring 

All sorts of freedom and free wills

The staunch little monsters do chattel

And batter man to man 

To fatten their moth ridden golds

Their grasp and expression of violence

Is so much evil and inhumane

They stab to subdue,they rape to feel pleasure

Their hearts are far from humans

The devil is but an inferior to them

When it comes to musing the art of violence

Hades now walks amidst men

Man sees man as no brother

But as the fastest means to an end

Man has become what he should fear

But now glories in because man is a lost cause

Humans should respect humans

Those that batter others

Deserve the collective ire of the gods

May God save man from himself

Man embodies all evil there is 

No man should be made to feel less

Than he is 

All men are equal

The differences existent are indicators of 

The magnificence of beauty

That shouldn’t be abused

That should be respected and acknowledged