It took age’s strides
Amidst the little nymphs of reason
To Swink me back to my sole self
I was lost and indeed perturbed
And the obvious lost its appeal
I wandered as the milky stars
Though my stars had lost all light
I rambled,siphoned my confusions
They were my worst night mares
With their loud screeches
Wanting out,to burn my ears out
They flayed my soul
But I also felt comfort
I was not alone,
My demons were there all the time
They plagued,made me mope
They gave me reasons to throw in the towel
But my heart was strong
It burned,with hope
Now I became an ally
To the fiend that wanted to rid the world of me
We became cats and rats
I was frail,little,weak and down
So I played her well
Though she was so strong for the grasp
I gave the false trails
And she came riding by
Like the perverse sheep to the slaughter
Now I tricked her
In every bits
Giving her the feel that she was in control
She laughed at my plight
I sneered in disgust
But underneath,my heat radiated with an ounce of joy
Though my worries were steered
Giving apt considerations
To every possibilities
The fear that she could outwit me
The fright of succumbing
The bitterness of the cold hands
She staked me
In the back
I gave a bright smile
Her confusion peaked
And my intents proved elusive
I realized that she was strong
Stronger than I was
But she was also scared
Scared of the unknown
Which was me
Her surfacing conjectures
Were nothing but facades
Now I put my hands to the plough
And I saw a beast in me,rose
In form of moxie,incomprehensible!
Now I saw myself stronger
All because the hope in me
Never died
And my heart was strong, life decided to play me
On a pedestal I had never seen
I was better
Because I acknowledged my weaknesses
And I gave life something
To ramble about
Little did she know
That I was only down
But I never hoped to be down for so long
I strived and I shot for the sky
And many a stars came crashing down
Now I played life
Because she wanted to play me
She fell because she gloried
In her strength
And failed to fortify her wisdom
Now I’m the victor not the victim
Life,an endless cycle of tussles
Only the fierce,both in mind and might

Ride with her on the same pedestal